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Our Pro Bono Partners

Due to our small size and limited resources, we only undertake pro bono legal work referred to us by trusted Pro Bono Partners. These pro bono partners often play a crucial role in acting as 'clearing houses' so that by the time the case is referred to us, we are assured that the person seeking help is indeed in need of pro bono legal services.  Very often, our pro bono partners also provide critical support for the pro bono legal work that we do; like the conducting of interviews, gathering of information, investigative work, legal research, translation and interpretation.

Our relationship with our Pro Bono Partners is a truly collaborative one, whereby we lend each other a helping hand whenever we can.  For example, apart from representing indigent persons referred by our Pro Bono Partners, we also conduct workshops in collaboration with our Pro Bono Partners or provide or source for volunteers to help out at the events organised by our Pro Bono Partners.  Our Pro Bono Partners in turn assist us tremendously by helping the indigent persons we represent, both during the course of our representation and post-representation, when they may need help to get back on their feet.  It is through such collaboration that we  encourage, motivate and inspire each other to continue to work towards the public good.

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