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At Beacon, we believe that prevention is better than cure. As such, dispute avoidance is very much our priority when advising clients; be it while helping a client set up a business entity or while helping a client resolve a conflict.

It has been said that "it is from their foes, not their friends, that cities learn the lesson of building high walls" (Aristophanes 446 - 386 B.C.). Thus, very often, clients come to us only when a dispute has already arisen; by which time great expense, time and resources would probably have to be expended to resolve the dispute.

We wish to change that mindset. We want to help our clients lay a solid foundation for their business, by understanding both their short-term and long-term visions and drafting sound employment contracts, shareholder agreements or business contracts, so that their businesses can grow without the unnecessary distraction of potentially costly litigation.


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