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At Beacon, we understand that when a person is charged with a criminal offence, the last thing he or she would want is any undue publicity in the press or social media. An innocent person would not want his or her name sensationally splashed in the papers.  Similarly, a person who has uncharacteristically made a mistake and committed an offence does not need to have his or her mistake amplified in the press.  

At Beacon, we do not believe in achieving publicity at the expense of our clients' reputation and well-being.  As such, although we have been fairly successful in our criminal defence work, we do not list our success stories on our website or social media.  We also try, whenever possible, to keep our clients' cases from being reported in the press; except on the rare occasions when our clients wish to be quoted in the press or other media.  An example is a client who was remanded for 5 months before we successfully argued for his acquittal of all charges after a 9 day trial, who wanted his story to be told. Another is one of our Pro Bono clients who volunteered to be featured in a promotional video for the Law Society Of Singapore Pro Bono Services Office in order to raise awareness for the Pro Bono services available to the public.

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