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A home-grown lawyer, Aileen has been a general litigator for more than a decade. During her 10 years in practice she has acted for both commercial and individual clients in a myriad of disputes including but not limited to: contractual disputes; disputes arising out of insurance policies; personal injury and property damage claims; tenancy disputes; as well as strata title disputes.

Despite being trained in what is an adversarial process, Aileen is a supporter of exploring alternative dispute resolution processes, particularly where the same would result in substantial cost and time savings for the client.

Aileen is also a firm believer in the concept of work-life balance. Whilst she strives for the same in her own life, she also believes in imparting the same to her client. Understanding that being embroiled in a dispute is stressful in itself, Aileen seeks to make the process as “pain”-free as possible for the client.

To manage the stresses of practising law, Aileen picked up Zentangle® in 2017. Finding the same an easy and effective way to practice “self-care”, Aileen travelled to Rhode Island in 2019 to become a Certified Zentangle® Teacher, with the intention of sharing the Zentangle® method to help others deal with what they may be going through.  

Aileen Chia.jpeg

Chia Aileen

LLB (Hons) National University of Singapore
Advocate & Solicitor
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