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Blast From The Past!

Workshop on Transnational Pro Bono Legal Service in Singapore with Justice Without Borders & NUS Law Faculty - 22nd August 2015.
Asia Pro Bono Conference & Legal Ethics Forum in Mandalay, Myanmar 3rd - 6th September 2015 (organised by BABSEACLE & partners).

BLAST From the Past!

Showcasing past social events, milestones and events in which we collaborated with our Pro Bono Partners
Songbirds - a fund-raising  musical matinee organised by Daughters of Tomorrow - 5th March 2016
Asia Pro Bono Conference & Legal Ethics Forum in Bali, Indonesia - 29th August 2016 to 2nd September 2016 (organised by BABSEACLE & partners)
Our director is honoured to receive the Law Society of Singapore Pro Bono Ambassador 2016 Award from the President of the Law Society of Singapore, Mr Thio Shen Yi (Senior Counsel) at the Annual Dinner and Dance - 11th November 2016 (Photo Credit:- The Law Society of Singapore) - 11
Workshop on Strengthening Transnational Access to Justice for Indonesian Migrant Workers Returning from Malaysia organised by Justice Without Borders and International Labour Organisation - 15th to 17th November 2016 11
Our pro bono work on 2 cases for migrant workers was featured in Episode 2 of the Channel News Asia documentary series on, "A Fighting Chance" - 14th November 2016
Our Senior Associate, Ms Felicia Ong shared her experience at a Workshop organised by Justice Without Borders on Evidence Collection at Hagar Singapore - 1st July 201711
Our Senior Associate Ms Felicia Ong was invited by the NUS Pro Bono Group to share her experiences in working on migrant worker cases as part of their Pro Bono Awareness Week - 3rd October 2017
Our Director, Mr Tan Cheow Hung was privileged to speak at the 1st Plenary Session of the 6th Asia Pro Bono Conference held in Kuala Lumpur over the weekend, on strengthening the pro bono culture
- 30th September 2017
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